Do you know the difference between snoring and sleep apnea?

While people with sleep apnea snore, both terms do not describe the same thing. Snoring is just snoring. Sleeping is when your breathing is interrupted while you sleep. Its a very dangerous condition.

There are people who snore and its completely harmless. One way to figure out if you suffer from sleep apnea is to quantify how tired you feel after a full nights sleep.

People who have sleep apnea tend to feel tired even though they just woke up from what should have been a great nights sleep. Another common sign is if you wake up with a scratchy throat.

If you know a loved one who snores at night, encourage them to get their snoring checked out. Its best to know if you have a bad condition sooner rather than later,

So from now on you should no longer ask, is snoring the same as sleep apnea. Now you know that its not.

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